COVER RED recipe: BEETROOT HUMMUS Postato il 28/01/2013 BEETROOT HUMMUS Ingredients for 4 servings: 300 gr chickpeas pre-cooked 1/2 onion 250 gr beetroot pre-cooked 70 gr tahini 1 garlic glove 1 lemon cumin powder extra-virgin olive oil Cut the beetroot into small pieces… … peel the garlic… … squeeze the lemon… … put in a food processor: -the cutted beetroot -the reased chickpeas [...] exhibition
COPERTINAKENZO STYLE PIN: Kenzo Takada ——> Opening Ceremony Postato il 25/01/2013   Kenzo Takada is for sure one of the greatest Japanese designers of all time.   He developed his interest in fashion by reading his sisters’ magazines, and then joined Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College in 1958, when it had just opened its doors to male students. Anyhow, his real experience in the sparkling fashion world [...] fashion
COPERTINA-THORA-OK KID A Postato il 22/12/2012 Wok autumn winter sales aw12 symphony playing ..KId A..   ” I slip away…   KTZ -bomber jacket ROBERTO COLLINA - crewneck sweater CRISTOPHE LEMAIRE – straight leg trouser COMMON PROJECTS- wedge lace ups shoes  …I slipped on a little white lie…   OUR LEGACY – Heavy knit sweater RETRO SUPER FUTURE- Flat top forest sunglasses   [...] editorial
home2 WOOD’D Postato il 15/12/2012 “Andrea and Stefano Aschieri founded Wood’d about one year ago. What makes it special is that Wood’d is all about these two italian brothers, who to take care of every step of the creative process involved in their job. Sharp lines, simple design, and the functionality of a few types of wood are used to develop [...] fashion
GMABOX-BISCUITS WHOLEMEAL CORN COOKIES Postato il 15/12/2012 This easy and sweet recipe, discovered thanks to a friend, is a perfect way to make home-made and healthy biscuits. Obviously revised in our style with wholemeal flour and brown sugar. They are also perfect as Christmas gift.   WHOLEMEAL CORN COOKIES   200 gr wholemeal flour 100 g corn flour 125 gr brown [...] exhibition
home-isaora ISAORA high performance sportswear Postato il 15/12/2012 ISAORA is a forward-thinking clothing company based in New York City. They began with the simple idea that they would make clothes that perform, look exceptional, and address the demands of modern life.  All too often, form and function are perceived as mutually exclusive. They believe that technology is a positive force for change, that through the use of advanced [...] fashion
PN-cover-ok PIOTR NIEPSUJ Postato il 10/12/2012 Check first one of his blog just awesome! and follow his link : Piotr Niepsuj is born in 1984 in Poland, lives and works in Milano as a freelance photographer and creative consultant. He shot for PIG, Vice, DazedDigital,, The Room, AD, Port, D…. NOW watch what he did for Wok store this [...] editorial
aiweiwei AI WEIWEI Postato il 06/12/2012 It is not because of my passion for Chinese culture, but there is really no more famous Chinese artist than Ai Weiwei, and there is probably no Chinese artist struggling more than him for greater political and social freedom.   Ai Weiwei is a sculptor, active in installation, curating, architecture, photography, film, and social, political [...] exhibition
home-ubm-HOME WOK@Take away Postato il 28/11/2012 WOK TAKE AWAY è il nuovo servizio di Wok store in collaborazione con URBAN BIKE MESSENGER   IL SERVIZO PRENDERA’ IL VIA CON IL MESE DI DICEMBRE, UN MESE IMPORTANTE PER CHI DEVE PENSARE AI REGALI, E MAGARI ANCHE QUALCOSA PER SE’! UBM è : Affidabile Veloce Ecologico. Se sei in ufficio, non hai tempo [...] fashion
HOME-THE-TASTE-OF The taste of Postato il 28/11/2012 Wok store starts “The taste of”, a new web magazine born to share with you the coolest tastes and news about the world. We also want to provide you with a better knowledge about Milano, where the store opened its doors in 2007, by hosting every month talents in various fields of art and communication.   “The [...] exhibition
home-page-adrianna ADRIANNA GLAVIANO Postato il 26/11/2012 A new soft dreamful and sexy femminility is the protagonist of the first fashion editorial of ‘The tastes of’”,   proudly shot by the photographer Adrianna Glaviano and art director Valentina Cameranesi with our beloved model   and friend the parisienne artist Manon Beuchot.     DREAM        ANNTIAN-Printed dress                                              HENRIK VIBSKOV-Hat    ANNTIAN-Jacquard wool dress [...] editorial
home Triple Major Nomad Store Postato il 25/09/2012 “Triple Major Nomad Store @ WOK” is the direct descendant of “La Grande Bouffe” project, which took place in Beijing in Spring 2012. These collaborations come from a Parisian meeting between Wok Store Milano and the young Ritchie Chan, owner ofTriple Major concept store in Beijing. From September 20th to September 25th, during the “Milan Fashion Week”, after visiting Shanghai, [...] exhibition
home La Grande Bouffe Postato il 16/05/2012 “La Grande Bouffe” project comes from a Paris meeting of Wok Store Milano with the young and brilliant Ritchie, owner of Triple Major concept store in Beijing. The idea of working together lies at the bottom of Temporary Pop-up Store where Federica Zambon and Simona Citarella, managers of the Wok Store, will present a selection of italian designers. [...] exhibition
HOME SUPER MOVES TO Postato il 17/04/2012 “SUPER moves to WOKstore”.  SUPER launches a new project for its personal history: during Milano’s Salone del Mobile, it will kick off the  “SUPER moves to”, a project traveling to selected stores in the world which will host the most complete selection of Super eyewear, exclusive limited edition products as well as a direct expression [...] fashion
simona-vanth PRIMITIVE PLASTIQUE Postato il 03/10/2011 Introducing Simona Vanth The new women’s shoes collection combines contemporary design by young designer Simona Citarella and the best of Italian manufacturing. The SS 2012 debut collection is entitled “Primitive Plastique” and refers to international customers who can appreciate cutting edge design with top level crafts. The collection is inspired by primitive shoes and the origins of [...] fashion
HOME SALONE DI MARTE Postato il 20/04/2011 DESIGN WEEK WOK presents SALONE DI MARTE A collection of furniture designed by Pablo Limon to present a selection of rare volumes of design, fashion and architecture published by Idea Books Throught this collaboration aims to become a landmark for all those who, during the busy days of design week, are hunting for confrontation and [...] design week
HOME JAPANPROXY Postato il 24/03/2011 Japanproxy is a platform for fashion and design-oriented products from Japan. 
The “Made in Japan” design has always been appreciated for its conceptual qualities, as well as an in-depth materials research, often at the forefront. 
Research on materials and lines are in the DNA of this line of flfl awless accessories, where cutting-edge products are [...] fashion
home Julian Zigerli Postato il 23/02/2011 Julian Zigerli has love for animals, a sporty attitude and a passion for using sugar, spice and everything nice as key ingredient for his creations. After graduating from the Fashion Department at the University of Art in Berlin, he decided to return back to his roots in Switzerland and start his own men’s fashion label. [...] fashion