HOME JAPANPROXY Postato il 24/03/2011 Japanproxy is a platform for fashion and design-oriented products from Japan. 
The “Made in Japan” design has always been appreciated for its conceptual qualities, as well as an in-depth materials research, often at the forefront. 
Research on materials and lines are in the DNA of this line of flfl awless accessories, where cutting-edge products are [...] fashion
home Julian Zigerli Postato il 23/02/2011 Julian Zigerli has love for animals, a sporty attitude and a passion for using sugar, spice and everything nice as key ingredient for his creations. After graduating from the Fashion Department at the University of Art in Berlin, he decided to return back to his roots in Switzerland and start his own men’s fashion label. [...] fashion
home2 ARIELLE DE PINTO Postato il 23/10/2010 Referencing a heritage of independent and fine atelier production, the de Pinto design studio is infused with Arielle de Pinto’s directional aesthetics and firmly grounded in contemporary culture. From self-taught and grass roots beginnings, de Pinto dynamically leads a dedicated team of personally trained artisans, who produce her unique creations and distribute to specialty stockists around the globe. Located in Montreal, Canada the studio has gained [...] fashion
home VLADIMIR KARALEEV Postato il 23/09/2010 Berlin based designer Vladimir Karaleev from Bulgaria will present his collection autumn/winter 2011 for the first time in Italy. He fuses deconstructivism with geometric views. He transfer architecture shapes over bodies, tailoring original one-off hand-made dresses for men and women.His style is absolutely unmistakable, rational and poetic in the same time.   fashion