home2 ARIELLE DE PINTO Postato il 23/10/2010 Referencing a heritage of independent and fine atelier production, the de Pinto design studio is infused with Arielle de Pinto’s directional aesthetics and firmly grounded in contemporary culture. From self-taught and grass roots beginnings, de Pinto dynamically leads a dedicated team of personally trained artisans, who produce her unique creations and distribute to specialty stockists around the globe. Located in Montreal, Canada the studio has gained [...] fashion
home VLADIMIR KARALEEV Postato il 23/09/2010 Berlin based designer Vladimir Karaleev from Bulgaria will present his collection autumn/winter 2011 for the first time in Italy. He fuses deconstructivism with geometric views. He transfer architecture shapes over bodies, tailoring original one-off hand-made dresses for men and women.His style is absolutely unmistakable, rational and poetic in the same time.   fashion