WOK_940x510px-1 SPEED BY MICHAEL WILLIS Postato il 11/03/2013 Hi milanesi, Next app of WOK full 2013 calendar..on friday the 15th March Wok opens its doors to Michael Willis, who shows his new project SPEED. Michael Willis is an english artist working in London and beyond. His eclectic vision has gained him notoriety within both the cultural and commercial sectors, exhibiting his work internationally [...] exhibition
anish red RED ART Postato il 17/02/2013 “Shooting into the Corner” by Anish Kapoor After presenting you with the delicious RED recipe by Gnambox, we want to switch to Art and talk about the RED “Shooting into the Corner” by the Indian Anish Kapoor. For those of you,who don not know the artist, here you are a few words on him: Anish [...] exhibition
COVER RED recipe: BEETROOT HUMMUS Postato il 28/01/2013 BEETROOT HUMMUS Ingredients for 4 servings: 300 gr chickpeas pre-cooked 1/2 onion 250 gr beetroot pre-cooked 70 gr tahini 1 garlic glove 1 lemon cumin powder extra-virgin olive oil Cut the beetroot into small pieces… … peel the garlic… … squeeze the lemon… … put in a food processor: -the cutted beetroot -the reased chickpeas [...] exhibition
GMABOX-BISCUITS WHOLEMEAL CORN COOKIES Postato il 15/12/2012 This easy and sweet recipe, discovered thanks to a friend, is a perfect way to make home-made and healthy biscuits. Obviously revised in our style with wholemeal flour and brown sugar. They are also perfect as Christmas gift. www.gnambox.com   WHOLEMEAL CORN COOKIES   200 gr wholemeal flour 100 g corn flour 125 gr brown [...] exhibition
aiweiwei AI WEIWEI Postato il 06/12/2012 It is not because of my passion for Chinese culture, but there is really no more famous Chinese artist than Ai Weiwei, and there is probably no Chinese artist struggling more than him for greater political and social freedom.   Ai Weiwei is a sculptor, active in installation, curating, architecture, photography, film, and social, political [...] exhibition
HOME-THE-TASTE-OF The taste of Postato il 28/11/2012 Wok store starts “The taste of”, a new web magazine born to share with you the coolest tastes and news about the world. We also want to provide you with a better knowledge about Milano, where the store opened its doors in 2007, by hosting every month talents in various fields of art and communication.   “The [...] exhibition
home Triple Major Nomad Store Postato il 25/09/2012 “Triple Major Nomad Store @ WOK” is the direct descendant of “La Grande Bouffe” project, which took place in Beijing in Spring 2012. These collaborations come from a Parisian meeting between Wok Store Milano and the young Ritchie Chan, owner ofTriple Major concept store in Beijing. From September 20th to September 25th, during the “Milan Fashion Week”, after visiting Shanghai, [...] exhibition
home La Grande Bouffe Postato il 16/05/2012 “La Grande Bouffe” project comes from a Paris meeting of Wok Store Milano with the young and brilliant Ritchie, owner of Triple Major concept store in Beijing. The idea of working together lies at the bottom of Temporary Pop-up Store where Federica Zambon and Simona Citarella, managers of the Wok Store, will present a selection of italian designers. [...] exhibition
home2 Matt Furie & William Sweeney Postato il 14/01/2011 Bastions of the East London creative scene, JaguarShoes Collective produce Exhibitions and bespoke products from the finest creative hands (and minds) working in art, film, fashion, music, publishing and design. The JaguarShoes Collective studio is located in Shoreditch, East London where the close proximity of our related businesses has formed a hub for creative output that [...] exhibition
BOMBA MASSIMILIANO BOMBA Postato il 01/05/2010 Massimiliano Bomba is born in Rome class 1980 and he cares to reaffirm he is a self-taught artist. He has a degree in Modern Letters and Philosophy history, a teenager Writer and since he is 20 years old he works with Video and Photography. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Massimiliano Bomba has taken part in various collective artist expos in Italy [...] exhibition
01_940x510 THE BOOK / ABOUT US Postato il 23/09/2009 The Book/About Us is the first year-book of Ied Moda Lab Milano, a publication presenting the students’ best works with the aim of showing the excellences of the school as a real “art book”. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. The book presents the results of the three-year programmes in Fashion Design, Jewel Design, Shoes and Accessories Design, Urbanwear Design, [...] exhibition
arnould ARNAUD LOUMEAU Postato il 14/02/2009 Looking at Arnaud Loumeau’s drawings are like you find yourself in a robot mind, who is having a kaleidoscopic dream with his monsters and aliens friends spacing in a chessboard game. They are full of dazzling and vibrant colours playing together for impressing your retina. He is born in Poitiers 30 years ago and actually he [...] exhibition
huskmitnavn HUSKMITNAVN Postato il 15/12/2008 Huskmitnavn has marked his name both in Denmark and internationally by his controversial, humorous and political street art.He realizes skillfully his works with his charateristic figures and comments spread out all over Europe and they cover a wide area from graffiti in public space, illustations for various international magazines to political stripes published regularly by [...] exhibition
brian-invite BRIAN BROWN Postato il 01/10/2008 Wok met Brian Brown in a burning afternoon of July in Lower East Manhattan. Wok is proud to share with you the knowledge of this young talentous artist from Layton Ut, the city where he currently raised. Brian has a spontenous and captivating way of drawing. He is inspired by nature, sexual interaction, late night [...] exhibition
HENRIK-VIBSKOV HENRIK VIBSKOV temporary showroom Postato il 23/09/2008 Wok Store open his door and host one of the most interesting young talented creative designer of all europe. Born in Danemark (1972), graduated at the Central Saint Martin of London, Henrik Vibskov; not only a fashion designer. His name means art at 360° musician, art performer, designer With his recognizable personal code , he communicate through events-performances pushed at the [...] exhibition
GRANDE-BABY BABYSCOTCH army of love Postato il 19/02/2008 On Tuesday 19th 2008, at Viale Col di Lana 5/A, WOK Store and “2357” presented “ARMY OF LOVE”, a Workshop realized in collaboration with Manon Beuchot a.k.a. BABYSCOTCH, the Faculty of Fashion Design of “Politecnico di Milano”, and with IED Moda Lab. Manon Beuchot is (and is not at the same time) BABYSCOTCH. She is [...] exhibition
01_940x510 ELZO DURT Postato il 18/11/2007 This guy has great style and the right attitude for creating wonderful coloured pieces of art work that shout fuck you! May we present the magnificent Elzo Durt. Wok: What is an Elzo? How was he built? What makes him work? An Elzo is a very speedy dude, always working, careful about details and very demanding [...] exhibition
honet HONET Postato il 10/10/2007 HONET a.k.a HNT, graffiti artist since 1988, who’s living in Paris and painted across Europe, in such cities like Helsinki, Riga, London, Berlin, Bucarest, Sarajevo or from Milano to Siracusa…across Russia, Mongolia, China and till Tokyo! “I didn’t hang out with Boris Vian, in the post-war St Germain-Des-Prés, or Fellini and his Dolce Vita in the [...] exhibition