Panic Room x Wok Store

Having grown up in the 80′s ¬†in the midst of the international skate craze,

FACE belonged to the second generation of Italian skaters that predated the

current “street” phenomenon.


From that time, FACE became one of the first Italian artists to take part in

graffiti bombing, obsessively and copiously gaining presence in unauthorized

spaces of all kinds.


At the same time, he began applying his rigorous aesthetic to graphic design

and has collaborated with various international brands such as Nike, FUCT, Slam Jam, Santa Muerte,

No Kiddin, Zoltar, Gourmet, Bhg, Snafu, Pimpnosis, Somet, Golab and Tokyo Black star.


In 1995, FACE’s interest towards Vinyl, old Video Games, and Books drive him to explore the vintage markets.

Not only in Milan, but also in Paris, London, some cities in the US, and all the way to Japan.

During his visits he also found interesting clothes and accessories, and decided to collect them for his own purposes.

After a while, he began to research the value of the vintage items he found, and began to resell them.


For Wok Store, FACE had made a special selection out of his personal collection as well as newly picked items.

Creating a distinguished mix of Sportswear Clothing from the 80s and 90s

that he believes to be in line with the culture of Wok Store.


Come and check out this special Collaboration at:


Wok Store

Viale Col di Lana 5a

from Saturday, February 13th, 2016


see you there!