WOKROOM is at its sixth edition.

Since day one, both in WOK store and in WOKROOM at the White Trade Show our aim

has been to share our philosophy embracing the freshness of emerging brands,

taking them over the Italian market.


The WOKROOM, to be inaugurated January 18th,

brings a mix of lab and contemporary designers coming from all over the world,

already acclaimed to international success with buyers and press, and yet fresh for their stylistic language.


The WOKROOM is an opportunity for the brands to share their vision and

their language dialoguing with the needs of expert retailers.

Thanks to the strong and positive answer from both media and buyers,

we are happy to announce the brand list of this edition.





LA technique avant-garde brand Brashy takes its influences from

post-modern art, DIYism, graffiti to workwear and tailoring,

combining both the highbrow and lowbrow of contemporary culture.

The collection features formal pieces, tailored versions of classic workwear and updated street styles.





Bob Sdrunk means made in Italy and handcrafted manufacture

with a hint on both a vintage flavour and taste of innovation.

The quality and the study of every single product, the care for the brand image and a

distinguishable and quality make this brand suitable for

niche products lovers and a wider receptive audience.




Nosomnia is a Copenhagen based brand presenting a collection that is a hybrid between

classical menswear and urban style through innovative ideas and unexpected creations.

Youth nostalgia is the detail of the maturely dressed man that wears Nosomnia.





The notorious quality of Eastpak garments gets enhanced by print and textiles of

the quintessentially British House of Hackney’s.

Bold and beautiful fabrics have swept through the minimalism of the

new millennium like a breath of fresh air.





Dainke is an international brand Made in Italy for the rebels all over the world.

East and West Coast clan stylistic references are combined in

this collection that features a rotten autumn palette mood.




Klasse 14 is a brand that designs timeless watches in collaboration with guest designers.

The idea is to create a limited collection that promotes modern lifestyle and the

latest trends with the introduction of these fantastic watches,

instantly becoming one of the new fashion statements.





MYAR was born observing the streets keeping an eye in the military world.

In this highly designed collection MYAR celebrates the functionality of vintage and

military garments transforming them into urban apparel.




SEAL offers a Made in Japan range of bags that are both sustainable and endurable.

Recycling tire tubes of trucks SEAL offers a unique pattern and

textured materials combined in stylish design.





Dead Meat creates an avant-garde clothing based on popular culture consumption and sartorial references.

A wide selection of garments for a trip at the dark corners of the human soul and mass social mechanism.





Sort of Looser is a Made in Italy, fresh and accessible to everybody brand.

Every single design has a special meaning, this season Sort of Looser deals with

different topics, from love and nature to politic-social satire.




IURI is a multidisciplinary fashion brand with an eye on accessories.

The brand combines geometry and minimal with  a modern twist inspired

by architecture, art and social culture worldwide.

Attention to detail, use of high-quality materials and selected manufacturers is the base of  all IURI products




Malaysian YII brings in to clothing the freshness of the child’s approach to life,

the capacity of getting inspired by everything around us.

Reconstructing traditional tailoring designs YII’s collection is about ease, balance and minimalism.





Vernissage is a jewellery brand that creates a fragile crystallized microcosm

in every piece thanks to the high standards of the Made in Italy production.

The project finds its inspiration in the tension between a dream vision,

childlike vitality and the pragmatism of the adult world.




VITELLI’s Gioventu’ Cosmica is a cashmere-silk knitwear collection woven,

spun, knitted and printed within 30 kilometers, inside the Veneto region;

the garments are unisex and aim at reintepreting the 80s mashed-up cosmic style in a now-referred context.