Toni Brugnoli: My Sweet 25


WOK Store proudly present a selection of photos shot by Toni Brugnoli this year

and collected them as a diary of his twenty-fifth birthday.



We invite everyone to join “My Sweet 25″ party


at WOK Store

Viale Col di Lana 5a

22nd of October 2015

6.30 – 9.30 pm

Music by FRITTO FM


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Toni Brugnoli was born in Monza 25 years ago.

The pictures he presents are a selection from a wide and divided corpus titled My25,

whose central topics are his 25 years.

Nevertheless, in this selection there are a few retrospective elements, actually none.

There are, instead, his present life and the need to narrate it by establishing

a deep relation with the subjects that belong to his life.

The photographic tool becomes the instrument to understand this fluent reality and

it is essential for a research that does not omit the intimacy of the past,

but that aims for becoming a story as well.


How do we tell the present? I asked Toni several times and

several times Toni answered me in different ways.

He doesn’t have a memory problem, of course,

he simply knows the reality he lives in and its aspects,

he’s used to take the shape of and relate to them.

He is aware that we aren’t merged into one body and knows that

this body changes its shape and it’s in constant transformation.


In this fragmented view subjects multiply themselves, places get mixed up,

the similar is different and the equal (also the identity) softens towards the infinite.

The light is always different as well as the dark embracing reality.

Here exactly lies the complexity, but also the appeal of this project:

describing a dark zone without lighting it up, avoiding in this way to expose it

to the negative effects of the most trivial voyeurism or avoiding to

dismiss it as a mere aesthetic means.


In this dark zone eyes must change references,

substitute them with others new and do it quickly.

What is disclosed in one picture, is hidden in the following one,

thus the only way to understand a moving present is to move themselves

by breaking the narrative cliches and searching somewhere else.

In the empty space between one picture and the following one we play

an active role for this research, creating that unreal space from time to time

we produce consequence, and so sequence.


Every time we create a new narrative line that leads from a space to another,

from a subject to the following one, we connect the dots, but without

counting the numbers. In this potential difference arises the interpretative tension,

we are challenged to play an active role: create an unreal order or accept

a chaos and describe themselves in order to tell the present,

as Toni does.