Barbera & Champagne

I rewrote this piece several times because expressing ones sentiments for Milan isn’t easy.

It’s not easy because the first impression one gets of the city isn’t a welcoming one.

No matter how small, and at times accommodating, Milan tests you in many ways.

It’s composed of easy contexts and difficult circumstances,

of colleagues who become brothers and friends who become acquaintances.


Like all big cities, it operates at a different speed, and if you don’t keep to it’s rhythm,

it can cause disappointment. Some situations may seem cold and constructed;

these situations often make you long for the simplicity of the surrounding provinces.

Then there are times that make you feel at home, where you know the people

you’re talking to, even if you have only known them for a few weeks.

There are places where friendships are earnestly cemented in decade-old stories,

where arguments, tiffs and other difficult situations were overcome.

If you ever stop by the Bottega del Vino Corso Genova, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Milan is full of bars, from the most hip and recently opened, to those with an authentic sensibility

that never seem to change. La Bottega del Vino is a place of its own, where visits and acquaintances are mixed,

but where everyone seems to have found their own dimension.

The incredible selection of wines, but above all the sincere and distinctive friendships with the owner,

the people who work there and the patrons, make it difficult to leave.


This beautiful bond encouraged us to discover more, to learn about their history

and to deepen their ties with the city, and specifically with Corso Genova.


Because deep down Corso Genova is the most beautiful thoroughfare in all Milan.


Written by: Enrico Grigoletti



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