MYAR joining forces with GAVIN WATSON

It’s been a while since we held a party in our store, so it’s such a pleasure for us to be able to host

the launch of MYAR’s First Collection!


And we’re glad to invite you all to be a part of this history:


Thursday, November 27, 2014 | 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm


WOK STORE – Viale Col di Lana 5a


with DJ Mattia Tigers and DJ Guerrero


Special thanks to XCLSV and B Cafè for making this event happen!










When you are on the street you see many groups of people dressing differently

with different styles and some of them are somehow catching your eyes

becoming interested in what they wear and the way they wear it.

After seeing many of them in different times, countries, and urban environments,

you start to understand what makes their styles and attitudes special.


MYAR is about exploring what these people have in common without knowing it yet.

It reveals a certain attitude and lifestyle on the street through vintage army clothing.


When serving the army you are part of a special group under a special command.

MYAR, anagram of ARMY and also my initials, gather strong different individuals

with passion, curiosity, artistic vision and knowledge of the people that are on the street

wearing all sort of vintage army clothing.


We grow up on vintage and second hand clothing, especially the military one.

For many years now, civilians are wearing vintage army clothing for their functionalities,

affordability and practicality, twisting it from a purpose of army clothing (uniform) into an individual style.



With military clothing there is a story to tell for every single garments.

Each of them has specific purposes, functionalities, designs,

colors, patterns, materials and fabric compositions.

Taking such items and translating them into another use for another time

increases their value and power.


With MYAR the vintage army clothing now lives again at the present time,

giving a modern interpretation of the past.











Photo credits of : Diamante Beghetto and Valentina Borsato


Catherine Viriya