John Galliano Joins Maison Martin Margiela


The fashion world was thrilled and surprise to hear the news of Maison Martin Margiela new appointed director.


John Galliano was always known to break the rules of fashion and life in general,


he was best known for his flamboyant figure and story telling collections…



John Galliano – the new appointed Creative Director of Maison Martin Margiela



Of course before the outrage incident happened.


His ego and vision were always there in every fashion shows,


the house of Dior were never been the same after Galliano reign Dior with


his extraordinary and undeniably jaw dropping collections,


but will it be a good move for a Maison like Margiela?


Will the public accept a new direction of the maison?



After Mr. Margiela himself walk away from the maison on 2009 ,


Margiela still hold their trademark of anonymity from their products to their group of designers.


Their silence and anonymity are utterly provocative and


it inspired their major clients and become the brand’s most important key point.



But maybe after the Diesel company took Margiela under their wings,


for some reason the brand was commercialized.


Shocking but in a good way so far,


we saw their collaboration with H&M two years ago and it was successful,


as a matter fact the collaboration opened another door of target market


which are the aesthetic fanatic and


a generation who loves to excessively express themselves.



Some of the fashion industry most prominent players still couldn’t believe that


a controversial John Galliano will reign the Maison,


could the different style approach works or does Galliano’s style change for good?


The most important part is, all of Galliano’s fans and supporters will love to see


the intriguing fashion show for once more.


Let’s hope that this decision that Maison Martin Margiela make was not just a publicity act


and marketing strategy of the giant diesel company….or maybe it is?



text by: Cindy Karmoko