Nature as an outstanding and irrelevant being.
A plastic dome, enlightened by neon. 
Somebody in there, mathematically, autonomously, 
silently working. Plants and flower observing,
gently moving.

The biological answer lies into an instinctive
compromise: adaptation. Both the human and
vegetable find each other in a moment of recreations
when decision are already taken and mistakes has
become the new reality: pollution is an error no more,
pollution has become part of nature.

This way, sabotage become the only way to comunicate,
as its extreme bound is not incomprehensible rather a gently
self poisonous injection.

Inside this frame of a dystopian present/future, lies an opportunity,
self destruction is seen as redemption both for human and vegetables.

Something that goes on everyday, everywhere,

has been described trying to portrait scenes from a blind rituality.

Job gestures, following the mechanic changes of a constant changing nature,

inside a plastic womb.

Seasons here seems not to be relevant to every organisms,

everything is moving, seemly without living.

What is happening is a mere consequence of the fact that everything is just being.

So in this mechanical nature the protagonist is naturally leading

everything into his indoor secret grow place.

She built in his flat a kind of parallel work place.

Her insanity is here revealed by his constant apathy opposed to her action,

bringing her to a final solution of self vanishment.

The outfits addresses this path that leads the story to its final solution.
From the nature representation with its own colours and shapes,

to the balance between chemistry and science fiction. 
The actress moves as a chameleon with flowers dresses in the greenhouse

and geometrical sport advanced outfits in her own secret laboratory.

In the final scene she wears a white pale dress as canvas for

the vortex of lights capturing her to the new life.


Brands featured:

Kenzo, Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals, Jacquemus,

Pamela Love, the WOK, Nasir Mazhar, Commes des Garcons




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by: Catherine Viriya