A.P.C. Denim


A.P.C., a Parisian based label, founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou.

The brand is categorized by it’s authenticity,

which is accessible by design, price, and aesthetic.

All of the Denim fabrics are exclusively designed for A.P.C.,

with none of the fabrics being bought in.

With this much attention to detail, the A.P.C. denim is famously known

for its unique washing recipes which you can see below,

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Extremist recipe


Let your jeans get dirty for as long as possible.

First wash: dry clean.

Following washes: soak your jeans for about an hour in water

with a little Woolite black added, rinse,

roll in a terrycloth towel and hang up to dry.


Semi-extremist recipe


Soak your jeans for about an hour in water with Woolite black added,

don’t scrub, rinse, wring and hang up to let the water drain.


Machine recipe


Machine wash at 30°C (90°F), delicate cycle,

no spin cycle, with Woolite black.


Seawater recipe


Let your jeans get dirty as long as possible, go swimming

in the ocean wearing your jeans, rub them with

dry sand and repeat several times.

Rinse in fresh (not salt) water and let dry in the sun.



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text: Nick Herbert