Stretched under sunflowers – “sun eggs” – each second fades into the last.

Lapping at the shore, things blend together, a yolk threatens to burst,

and magnetic fields of flowers germinate somewhere behind your eyes.

Sigmar Polke comes to mind.


Following a nice holiday at Dali’s house

(his hut on the beach, next to nothing, next to no time)

things that happened have followed you home – poking through into now.

Feint carvings in a surface, doing a dance (doing the polka),

changing shapes keep changing shape.

The urban scramble feels better for it, but it’s hard to think.

It was a good trip.


Magnetic dots hover over textures or settle on solids.

All over urban chaos merges with an embryonic landscape – gestures pop out.

A limitless plane of sunflowers boomerangs on all axes.

PAM X Crumpler wall hangings also act as vessels.

Smooth shiny surfaces slide over fuzz.


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Catherine Viriya