Soothing spring breeze and hot summer winds, lonely roads and endless highways, breathtaking landscapes and dizzying sun, a trip to mysticism and youth subcultures, have all been poured into the new Super “Motorpsycho” Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Conceived as an eccentric ode to liberty and rebellion, “Motorpsycho” traces its origins back to the 70s with the emergence of psychedelia, biker culture and spiritual madness. Crossing cultures and references, the new Super Spring/Summer 2014 collection interprets excess through underground visions and border-line lifestyles of its rebellious heroes.




The Drew Mama is an extremely feminine piece of eyewear, bringing together the 90s inspired Drew model with a more voluptuous 60s allure. Dreaming about explicitly erotic biker girlfriends, Super has designed a wonderfully sophisticated adaptation of one of its sassiest silhouettes.




The Malocchio series expresses the urge of exploring unknown territories and cultural diversities through a rich and smokey acetate and one of the most antique visual icons – the eye. Recalling its ethereal meanings, this graphic element drawn from the traditional hand of Fatima, is symbolically used as a sign of protection.




Motorpsycho cryptically interprets the theme of this collection with a trippy yet soothing acetate. Dark and soft brown colours blend together in a warm and rich acetate, completed with a blazing brass mirror lens, the combination reminisces beautiful natural tones of sunrises and sunsets. An almost over the top detail adds a touch of irreverence: a hidden Marijuana leaf placed inside the sleek matte temple tips.




A rough metallic feel is the perfect contemporary incarnation of the most classic biker aesthetics. The Fantom series a bold and elegant interpretation of a basic rebellious on-the-road look. From the heroes of motorcycle culture to any demanding urban dweller, Super has created a distinguished and smooth feel for an ultimately sophisticated and timeless outfit.





A subtle, yet highly desirable piece of eyewear is the successful Gianni series. A glorious black acetate, dark rock-hard Carl Zeiss lenses and golden decors are the key ingredients of this elegant, extraordinarily appealing and spectacularly wearable series. Meticulously produced by crafty Italian artisans, the Gianni is a statement piece for quality eyewear and timeless style.




Different textures, finishings, materials, colors and details are all brought together in this determined and elegant, yet unexpectedly daring series. An impeccable match is finished off with gold hardware, while dark Carl Zeiss lenses provide the wearer with some added anonymity. The balance of these precious materials makes the Skins series whisper, not scream, its fabulousness.




While rebellious bikers can find themselves in the need of a rough piece of eyewear, their strong girlfriends might choose more subtle, yet equally bold shades. Super has come up with the Bomb, a perfect combination for these determined ladies. Glorious baby blue tinted snake skin is paired with crystal clear acetate, melting in an unexpected combination of materials, colors and finishings imbued with a fabulous hot season feeling.




The Visiva collection has always been seen by Super’s creative minds as a unique occasion to explore their imagination and visionary artistic sensibility. For this season, Wok chooses Wheelie and Screamer, part of the Visiva series that gathers Motorpsycho’s two iconic worlds best seen as a material incarnation of the rebellious and wild biker lifestyle. On the one hand there is the crude aesthetics of biker culture and on the other, the psychedelic mind-bending artworks with their distorted graphic images, endless color spectrums and powerful visual resonance. The respective series playfully combine an utterly kitsch flame graphic, mounted on precious Italian acetate and creating a bold contrast of hues, patterns and finishings.




Keiichi Tanaami is a Japanese experimental artist, known for his psychedelic imagery and his highly iconic artworks which have influenced some of the most prominent protagonists of Japanese Pop-Art. For his collaboration with Super, Mr. Tanaami has created a series of graphics, applied to the internal part of hand-made acetate sunglasses, and Motorcycle, is the design that Wok chooses for you.


So, which MOTORPSYCHO are you?


Catherine Viriya