Interview: Gonzalo Fonseca of Steve Mono

Steve Mono is a contemporary Spanish brand founded in 2007 on the idea of
reinterpretating classic bags, accessories, and other small leather goods for a modern lifestyle.

Influenced by travel, office culture, utility, movies, and an appreciation for the old, we continue
to focus on designing essential items for everyday and every journey.

Every collection is timeless, functional and sustainable.

Today, we will gladly share with you our little conversation with Steve Mono’s one and only Founder,

the humble Mr. Gonzalo Fonseca.

As a former graphic designer, what drove you into creating Steve Mono on the first place? 

First I was trying to make the kind of portfolio, wallet, briefcase, that I couldn’t find to carry my work. And I have always loved the image of a man/woman taking wallets and briefcases as part of them.

Where do you find inspirations on designing each item in Steve Mono?

Films, characters, photos, travels, cities, anonymous people in the street, people I like…


What’s the key factor that makes Steve Mono stands out among other leather goods brands?

We always try to keep the essence of the brand, focused on the quality of the leathers and also the canvas, and that “non-perfect” look that for me means “human”.

Can you enlighten us about the term “artisan manufacture” that has usually been associated to Steve Mono?

All the materials participating in the process are from Spain, and made in small work places all around Spain: vegetal tanned calf leather, canvas, hardware, production… I love to be involved in all the parts of the production, and like to travel to different villages searching for new materials… These are the first step to me in the creative process.

Which artist/celebrity/public figure do you think best represent the style of Steve Mono?

I really like Christoph Waltz.

If we were on a weekend trip in Madrid, where would you recommend us to see?

El Prado Museum for sure; it’s amazing… no words to describe it. And then many of classic small “tascas” where you can drink some cañas and eat fantastic tapas.

Can you tell us a travel destination you really wish to go but still didn’t have a chance to?

Tokyo, where I’m planning to go next summer




Have you been to Italy? If yes, which city do you like the most? why?

Sure! I really love Italy; in some aspects, Spain and Italy are very close. I love Firenze, but to be honest I really feel very comfortable in Milano. I am from Bilbao, in the north of Spain, and it´s very similar in a way… That mix of industrial, grey, artistic, color, old, new… I love it. To me , Milano is a “masculine” city, inside doors… not easy; you have to discover it…

Last question, can you describe a scene in which you see a Steve Mono bag would perfectly fit in?  

A woman in her forties travelling by train, reading a book and wearing her man’s jacket…

Catherine Viriya