This sunday the 24th February Wok proudly introduces the new collection of Adidas Originals for Opening Ceremony and is happy to show a new work of the talented young artist Emanuele Marcuccio.

He studied (Thiene 1987) New Technologies for Art at Accademia di belle arti of Brera in Milano and he was selected for a MA in Fine Art at Ecal in Lausanne for the visual art Master in Lausanne (2013).

Emanuele Marcuccio exposed his works in various spaces as the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, the Internet Pavilion at the 54th Biennale in Venice and the

the Brodbeck Foundation in Catania. His work describes, through computer and installations, the technology.

He works and lives in Milan.


“My latest works are an attempt to describe the dynamic processes influencing our

everyday life in various ways. The technology developments recorded have an

enormous impact on social circumstances of the life of the individuals. They change

traditional structures like family, identities, imaginary or at least define them anew”


Three questions to Emanuele Marcuccio:


1/ Tell me about your background?

I spent a lot of time in front of my computer and I like techno.


2/ What about your lately inspirations and those that have tended to stick?

So what are you going to show on sunday?

I have always been interested in technology, Internet and a sort of specific aesthetic

shaped off from them. Lately while I was looking for objects that could represent our

inevitable techno existence I began to direct my research towards those forms that

have a very specific task and that were basically connected to a function. So on

Sunday I’ll show my latest work in that direction which is a piece from a serie of



3/ What are your upcoming shows? Where we will be seeing you works?

Soon I will have a open studio visit displaying the results of a workshop i did at

Mario Airo, Stefano Dugnani and Diego Perrone studio and next summer I will take

part in a group exhibition curated by Luca Francesconi at Valentin gallery in Paris. I

have been selected for a MA in Fine Art at Ecal in Lausanne, so from september I

will start to live between Milan and other cities. Right now I’m working on different

projects with other artists, we will see what that leads to in the next months.