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“Shooting into the Corner” by Anish Kapoor

After presenting you with the delicious RED recipe by Gnambox, we want to switch to Art and talk about the RED “Shooting into the Corner” by the Indian Anish Kapoor. For those of you,who don not know the artist, here you are a few words on him: Anish Kapoor is an Indian-born British sculptor, he became famous in the 1980s for the geometric and biomorphic sculptures made using simple materials such as granite, limestone, marble, pigment and plaster.

He was later acclaimed for his explorations of matter and non-matter, specifically evoking the void in both free-standing sculptural works and ambitious installations.

He won several prizes such as XLIV Venice Biennale in 1990 and Turner Prize in 2002.

Today we will investigate the use of red wax, which is an important part of his repertoire evocative of flesh, blood and transfiguration! Focus on “Shooting into the Corner“:  The reviewer Loma-Ann Marks explain us the masterpiece in these words: “In Shooting into the Corner ( 2008-09) every 20 minutes, shells of gloopy, scarlet wax resembling congealed blood shoot from a canon across the Large Weston Room and smack against the wall of the Small Weston Room, the wax forming violent patterns on the hallowed walls and accumulating on the floor in a mound of sticky red.

It’s a true shooting gallery: a sombre-faced man in a black boiler suit loads up the canon with a shell of wax, starts the mechanics and: thwack, releases. The suddenness is shocking, startling and makes every onlooker jump. By the end of the exhibition 30 tonnes of wax will have accumulated in the corner.”