STYLE PIN: Kenzo Takada ——> Opening Ceremony

Kenzo Takada is for sure one of the greatest Japanese designers of all time.
He developed his interest in fashion by reading his sisters’ magazines, and then joined Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College in 1958, when it had just opened its doors to male students. Anyhow, his real experience in the sparkling fashion world started when he decided to move to Paris in 1964. There he could only afford to buy fabrics from flea sales, but passion was stronger than everything else, and after attending shows, making contacts with the media and selling sketches, he eventually opened his first boutique under the name of “Jungle Jap”.

It was only in 1983 that Kenzo came out as one of the most promising designers in the whole Paris with the launch of his first men’s wear collection. He was a crazy creative mind! Just think that in 1979,he held his shows in a circus tent, finishing with horsewomen performers wearing transparent uniforms and he himself riding an elephant.

Since the company’s foundation, Kenzo Takada has been considered as the most noticeable of the fashion designers able to affect tastes of people in different areas in the world. He has been also named as the most syncretistic designer of the 20th century for insisting on promoting a sense of heterogenity and diversity on the ethnic fashion styles.

In Summer 2011 Humberto Leon e Carol Lim, the duo behind Opening Ceremony, have replaced Antonio Marras as creative directors of the maison.
They have presented to the public fresh and innovative ideas collection after collection since today, when Kenzo’s cap and sweatshirts are considered “must have” among young (an less young) fashion generation.

In a sort of Roman circus, a great show took place to present the S/S 2013 collection, involving the audience by way of a psychedelic runway full of showy and dappled colors.



And here we are! WOK team at Kenzo’s showroom, let’s discover with us the amazing pieces that we have found out…

… and that will be available in store!


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