La Grande Bouffe

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“La Grande Bouffe” project comes from a Paris meeting of Wok Store Milano with the young and brilliant Ritchie, owner of Triple Major concept store in Beijing.

The idea of working together lies at the bottom of Temporary Pop-up Store where Federica Zambon and Simona Citarella, managers of the Wok Store, will present a selection of italian designers.

All brands of this event will bring to the Asiatic costumers not only their collection but also some exclusive creations for Men & Women realized in a team work and inspired by the Italian-French movie “La Grande Bouffe” (1973) .

In this movie Marco Ferrari, the Director, tells the story of four friends, that represents examples of a coy bourgeoisie (Mastroianni, Noiret, Tognazzi, Piccoli) annoyed of their lifes. They gather in a villa for the weekend for the express purpose of eating themselves to death.

In the capsule collection designers use materials with a retrò style, like straw and bright colours for a casual but refined man; whereas for woman they prefer a transparent effect thanks to the use of PVC and organdie.

Cor Sine Labe Doli, Il Sistema degli Oggetti, Lika, Simona Vanth, Uppercut (Giorgio di Salvo) and Vivetta take part to this capsule collection. Each designer offered their personal know-how, fantasy and experience and some of them, like Cor Sine Labe Doli & Lika collaborate to the creation of men hats. Main theme of this collect ion is an original print created by Lara Piccirillo, she was inspired by the movie and she has drawn it for this special event; Simona Citarella and Valentina Cameranesi supervise the project and take care of the special display in Beijing store.

“ La Grande Bouffe ” fashion show will be available only at Triple Major Shop in Beijing from May 14th to May 24th, 2012 and online thanks to partnership with Farfetch.com from May 16th to June 30th 2012.

This is the beginning of a longer collaboration between the two shops : already in September during the Milano fashion week Triple Major will bring to town only for Wok Store after visiting Shangai, Hong Kong and Los Angeles his Nomad Store project, a selection of chinese designers selected by Ritchie.


Wok Store Milano | Triple Major Pechino