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Japanproxy is a platform for fashion and design-oriented products from Japan. 
The “Made in Japan” design has always been appreciated for its conceptual qualities, as well as an in-depth materials research, often at the forefront. 
Research on materials and lines are in the DNA of this line of flfl awless accessories, where cutting-edge products are inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship. 
Whether they are one-of-kind handmade,impeccable design, or discontinued items from the past, the Japanproxy “choice” products are pieces the brand is especially passiontea bout. 
The tradition of skilfully handcrafted products is an important part of japanese culture. The handmade line is manufactured by small companies who are committed to, and conscious of, producing fifi ne goods of highest quality.

Japanproxy is the encounter between craftsmanship and quality of the product: This particularly struck the attention of Federica Zambon and Simona Citarella,owning WOK unique concept store in Milan that landscape through WOKroom want to promote emerging designers and international designers, unseen before in Italy.

The scouting activities carried out by WOK has already brought to Milan jewelry designer Arielle De Pinto, the menswear designer Julian Zigerli and Babyscotch tricot artist extraordinaire, through events organized in the concept store.

During the event on March 24, customers will also see the new Spring / Summer 2011 collections.

Japanproxy and WOKroom will donate 20% of sales proceeds of all the bags and backpacks sold during the 24th March event to the Red Cross for the Japan Tsunami Relie.