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Referencing a heritage of independent and fine atelier production, the de Pinto design studio is infused with Arielle de Pinto’s directional aesthetics and firmly grounded in contemporary culture. From self-taught and grass roots beginnings, de Pinto dynamically leads a dedicated team of personally trained artisans, who produce her unique creations and distribute to specialty stockists around the globe. Located in Montreal, Canada the studio has gained a reputation for expert craftsmanship.

Every piece issued is made by hands, forged with an eye to achieving archival quality using the finest materials available, including Italian 925 sterling silver, gold vermeil and palladium. Renown for the application of traditional crochet where metal is treated as though fiber, the studio continues to explore developmental techniques, both modern and ancient. With the assistance of a MIT-trained nuclear physicist, the studio has developed a method to treat specific surface metals rendering a digital-age colour palette. Alongside this, Arielle carves her miniature sculptures, hewed from wax with exposed and roughly faceted surfaces, which are then reproduced using the historical lost wax casting process. Exploring and employing the most suitable techniques, the studio continues to grow productive capacities and specialized skill to realize the artistic visions of de Pinto.

De Pinto’s collections are presented through selected stores internationally, all of whom maintain direct and personal relationships with Arielle and the studio. Our Atelier stockists carry limited edition items and present in-store exhibitions, treating the de Pinto brand as much as art as accessory.

jewelry information

All pieces designed by Arielle de Pinto and made by personally trained artisans at our Montreal atelier using the finest materials available. While every piece is made by hands and conforms to style dimensions, each presents uniquely in its specific detailing, and is truly one-of-kind.

The studio produces jewelry, multiples of Arielle’s figurine and sculptures, along with custom couture work and new product development


…her cascading necklaces, fingerless gloves and knotted dangling earrings have amassed

an international cult following.

- Interview Magazine

The Canadian extraordinaire is marking the contemporary jewelry scene with her trademark

crochet and her hand-sculpted impertinent charms.

- Dazed Digital

Arielle de Pinto … has reached cult status with her collection of intricately crocheted metal


- Cool Hunting