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Looking at Arnaud Loumeau’s drawings are like you find yourself in a robot mind, who is having a kaleidoscopic dream with his monsters and aliens friends spacing in a chessboard game. They are full of dazzling and vibrant colours playing together for impressing your retina.
He is born in Poitiers 30 years ago and actually he lives in Toulouse. Arnaud Loumeau draws since he was a child and has never stopped. He attended an art school where he met artists, now friends, who influenced his art.
Arnaud Loumeau is passionate about the Fluxus, optical art and the primitive art. The Mexican and Indian cultures have marked his memory so indelible. His intent is to mix his influences with everyday passions like computing, video games and pixel culture.
He works mostly on graph paper with bright markers for realizing his handmade graphics “ I love them because they are easy to use” he replies “ Their colours fascinate me”. A simple tecnique for a special result, which gives a big plus to his art.
Wok is ready for this psycadelic voyage together with this new artist, keep your eyes open, relax and enjoy!