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On Tuesday 19th 2008, at Viale Col di Lana 5/A, WOK Store and “2357” presented “ARMY OF LOVE”, a Workshop realized in collaboration with Manon Beuchot a.k.a. BABYSCOTCH, the Faculty of Fashion Design of “Politecnico di Milano”, and with IED Moda Lab.

Manon Beuchot is (and is not at the same time) BABYSCOTCH. She is a thirty-five year old woman, who lives and works in Lyon where she teaches Applied Arts to blind and visually impaired youngsters. The mysterious BABYSCOTCH lives on MySpace and works only during the night in Paris, where she is one of the most demanded and, paradoxically, anonymous contemporary French artists.

The artist defined as “hero-tic” the vast and disparate production of drawings and knitted creations that go along with BABYSCOTCH’s sensations and needs.  All her works kindle sensuality and sweetness, with a disquieting expression of strength and stringency at the same time.  The interest aroused in her style led new brands, such as Andrea Crews and Tricolore, to cooperation with the artist.

Provoking drawings of BABYSCOTCH have been published in magazines like Playboy, Nuke and Standard Magazine. In particular, a project called Standard, consisting of knitted and motorbike helmets, took shape from the collaboration with Standard magazine and was presented under the name of ART & SENSUALITY at WOK Store. By putting her creative touch on the design of helmets, Manon Beuchot upsets the concepts of hardness and solidity associated so strongly with it. The famous and renowned fashion designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac was so captivated by these last pieces, that he asked Manon for cooperation and staging a fashion show.

In connection with the Show, WOK Store and “2357” have arranged a Workshop, where Manon Beuchot walked a group of new fashion designers through her art. This group, made up of ten students from the two schools mentioned above and five emergent textile artists, was then invited to create a collection based on the “Army of Love” theme.

From 11am until 15pm Manon Beuchot together with the designers worked on “2357” labeled clothing collection, as well as on the works of the participants.

The cutting-edge WOK Store was set up at Via Col Di Lana in 2007. The two entrepreneurs Simona and Federica aim to stimulate new designers and artists, and introduce new shapes, expressions and ideas by means of their shop.

The uniqueness of WOK Store lies in its eclectic spirit and multicultural orientation, and it is characterized by the mix of Italian spirit with the International culture.

The ongoing exhibitions, DJ sets and events organized by WOK STORE make the idea of Apparel-art reality in our city.

“2357 il Basico Made in Italy” label was founded by Pharmacy-Industry in January, 2008.